Commercial Markets


Boardroom/Conference Room

Implementing automation to your boardroom or conference room helps prevent the dreaded moment of struggling with technology during a meeting! Every element of your presentation can work in conjunction to provide the best possible environment for your work or meeting space. Automate shades to close, lights to dim, and the video component to turn on all with the press of a button.


Make your establishment stand out from the rest! By automating your restaurant or bar, you can create the most ideal ambiance for your guests to keep them comfortable. Smart technologies such as lighting control, audio, video, HVAC, and security all help synchronize your business operations to make things simple. Create settings for opening and closing, when it’s busy or slow, whatever environment you feel is best you can make happen.

Professional Office

Productivity is made easy with automation. Centralized control and integrated systems help make your daily operations seamless, allowing you to focus on what matters most--your business! Commercial automation helps with energy efficiency, saving on overhead costs for building operations. Your staff must be content in their workspace, so creating settings that accommodate their needs, such as temperature and lighting control, can make a huge difference.


The functionality of building operations is a vital part of medical and dental offices. Automating your operations saves time and energy use, but it also provides a comfortable environment for staff and patients. Decrease energy bills with lighting and climate control automation while allowing patients to relax with entertainment video features in waiting rooms. Keep in contact with staff easily using intercoms and paging systems--all integrated for easy use.


Your guests deserve the best, and now you can offer them a personalized experience during their stay. Many hotels do not offer an audio system, let alone an integrated system of smart features. Automating lighting and HVAC can save lots of money on energy bills in the hospitality industry! With smart building technology, you can monitor electricity and improve where there may be unnecessary usage. Hotel automation allows you to spend less time taking care of your building and more time taking care of your guests.


It can be difficult to get students to engage themselves in classwork, but an integrated system allows for modern video/audio tools to keep them ready to learn! A strong audio system helps every student hear, while a video component can offer an interactive learning experience. Automating your classroom or auditorium will help promote a high-functioning learning space that students and staff will be excited about.