Residential Solutions


Integrated Systems

A smart home makes for a happy homeowner. With an integrated system, your day-to-day life becomes easier and more enjoyable. Instead of losing the remote or trying to adjust the lights with a switch, an integrated system allows you to access everything from one universal remote or smart tablet. Control lights, sound, devices, and more all with the touch of one remote or panel. Get creative with your system and preset it to have your home just how you like it before you even walk in the door!

Lighting Control

At TerikTech, we know lighting can be everything. Home lighting control is a convenient way to manage the lights in your home with one device. Set lighting for different moods or events! If you’re having family over for dinner and a movie, you can set lighting styles to accommodate both with the press of a button. Lighting control also helps make your home more energy-efficient. When you leave the house, you can turn off all the lights with a single touch of your system. You can also link your lighting with your security system to feel comfortable about your home’s security even when you’re away.

Motorized Window Treatments

Sunlight is great, but sometimes you just need a little shade. Motorized window treatments let you control the amount of sun in your home with shades that move at your control. These treatments help control the environment of your home with ease. Set your window treatments to your schedule, adjusting the brightness of your home to whatever you need it to be in the moment.

Multi-Room Video

Smart TVs and electronics make our lives easier, but sometimes we are limited by the sources and screens we can use. Not anymore! With multi-room video, you can use a single video source, like a game console or Blu-ray player, for multiple TVs in your home. By condensing the sources you need in your home, it becomes a lot less cluttered with cords and equipment. Switching between devices is a breeze with a smart home system!

Home Cinema

Dedicated home theaters bring the quality and excitement of the movie theater experience into the comfort of your own home. Customers can bring all of their favorites to the big screen, including sports games, concerts, the latest new-release movies, etc. Since theaters are not one-size-fits-all, we work very closely with customers to design a theater that brings premium sound and picture, while ensuring that it fits into the overall design and décor of their home.