Residential Markets


Whole Home

When your whole home is in sync, your daily life becomes a lot easier. Having the ability to control lights, shading, temperature, audio, and video with one device makes your ideal home environment achievable at any time of day. Leaving for work in the morning? You can create a setting that turns off all your lights and electronics, or, create settings that play your favorite song and unlock the door for you whenever you come home. With easy-to-use remotes, keypads, or mobile devices to control each setting from one central location, your whole home solution makes being a homeowner simpler and more enjoyable.

Media Room

A media room offers high-definition audio and video experiences that turn your home into a true entertainment space. You can turn any room into a media room whether it be the living room, basement, or even your patio. Our team can install hidden speakers ad screens for surround sound and a true movie-quality experience without the look of equipment everywhere. Instead of a home theatre, turn any room of your choice into a media room!


Sometimes all you need is a private theatre. Control lighting, sound, and video with the press of a button and turn your home into a cinematic experience. With this solution, the room will be designed to block out background noise and enhance the sounds of the film. With strategically placed speakers and some added home lighting control, you’ll never need to pay for a trip to the movies again because your home will feel just like it.


Automating your kitchen takes a few steps out of the busiest room in your home. Change the lighting in your kitchen from cooking to serving, with preset options that you create for every activity. Do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen? Using surveillance technology, smart home control allows you to watch what’s going on with the kids or see who’s at the front door. When it’s time to deep clean the kitchen, create a setting that turns on all the lights and opens the shutters for optimal lighting. A lot happens in the kitchen, TerikTech’s smart home solutions can help simplify it all!


Many homeowners feel that their bedroom is their sanctuary and it should be treated as such. Create the perfect space for you and your partner by automating lighting, shutters, electronics, and more. Not a morning person? Maybe you need to schedule your shades to open in the morning for a little extra motivation to wake up. If you’re already in bed and want to check if you locked the doors or left any lights on--just check on your mobile device or remote and enjoy peace of mind without leaving your bed.


Entertaining guests outdoors can provide some of the most enjoyable moments of spring and summer. Enhance your patio or yard with an outdoor TV to minimize glare and other solutions that are built to withstand outdoor elements. Adjust outdoor lighting and sound to provide a true party experience for your family and guests.