Commercial Solutions


Smart Building Technology

Building operations require monitoring and maintenance to ensure affordable functionality. Smart building technology helps reduce operation costs by lowering energy use. Lighting, motorized shades, audio/video components, heating, ventilation, and more can all be controlled from one place. With a smart commercial automation system, you can create settings for your building to adjust throughout the day and conserve energy. Smart building technology allows you to focus on more than just your building, with remote troubleshooting and diagnostics to assist in downtime and service costs.

Energy Management

It’s important to have a comfortable work environment to ensure productivity and satisfied employees. Smart technologies minimize energy by making necessary adjustments to your water, gas, and electric usage--giving you one less thing to be concerned about throughout the day. Automatic lighting and temperature preset help keep your building operating comfortably and efficiently at the same time. The best part? A smart system will inform of you energy-saving opportunities in your building to help you save on costs!

Media Control

High-definition audio and video whenever your business needs it! Sometimes, there are unexpected meetings or presentations that require more than just a basic conference room. With media control, you can access HD audio and video with ease, no matter the source. Whether it’s to enhance client meetings or to improve the daily work life of your staff, media control provides many opportunities for a commercial building. Thanks to a professional installation, you won’t have to worry about cords, equipment, or remotes laying around. Create a video display for the lobby, watch live news, or even play music for a nice office atmosphere.

Connected Technology

A commercial networking system can have a variety of needs for HDTV, IPTV, security, lights, VolP phones, media servers, control systems--you name it. For everything to work seamlessly and securely, you need a reliable network. Connected technology syncs your business’s devices and systems providing increased productivity and happier customers. Our team is ready to help you determine what technology will be connected, how it will be (wired or wireless), and of course--ensuring that it’s secure!